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How much lower can SCE&G stoop to gouge us?

Letter to The State editorial board

SCE&G wins the money-grabbing award. Again.

I recently got a call from my mother’s bank. Before she passed away, I had autopay set up for her SCE&G account, and with a draft pending, the bank asked that I, as her personal representative, have the name changed to “Estate of …” to avoid problems.

How difficult is that? Go to a screen, type over a name, hit enter. I have a career in information technology; this is easy. But, no. SCE&G chooses to treat this like a transfer and charges $150 for the 30.5 seconds it took Monica, the very polite customer service representative, to perform this function.

Monica is not to blame. She will probably never see even a portion of that fee.

If my mother had remarried and changed her name instead of passing, would SCE&G have charged her $150 to have the name changed on her account as well?

I am disgusted and ready for a roof of ugly solar panels and no SCE&G.

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Somebody (career politicians, I’m talking to you) needs to step up.

Just a warning for all.

Joy Blakley


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