Letters to the Editor

GOP changed Graham, but he could become a hero

President Donald Trump walks to the Oval Office with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018, in Washington.
President Donald Trump walks to the Oval Office with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018, in Washington. AP

Sen Lindsey Graham was until recently a respectable and quite moderate conservative. To the point of fault even that some called him a RINO (Republican In Name Only). The GOP changed him.

Imagine for a moment if the senator were to awake tomorrow and realize he would rather be himself again. He may then realize this administration does not represent who he is. Quite likely, he would see that the GOP’s recent direction does not suit him either.

Imagine if he decided to do something about it. He would certainly distance himself from the administration; and if he wanted to go down in history, he would change party.

The GOP would no longer have either house and the senator from South Carolina would be seen by many as a hero of the nation.

Tom Howe


Trump is the king of vengeance; sorry, Graham

In 2015, when both Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump were campaigning for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, Republican Sen. Graham called Trump a “race-baiting xenophobic bigot.” In another public statement, Graham called out Trump as a “jackass.” Anyone who thinks that Trump, the king of vengeance, has forgotten or forgiven Graham is living on another planet.

Although Graham has denied it, there is no doubt that his ambition is to head a cabinet post, preferably obtaining the position of attorney general. But surely Graham’s desire is blinding him to the sad truth of reality.

It is abundantly clear that Donald Trump has suckered Graham into praising him and doing his bidding. Trump waved his candy at Graham, and Graham then slobbered at his feet in gratitude and humiliation.

History will mark Sen. Graham’s long and dedicated career with a stain that cannot be erased. And what will be his reward? Nary a thing. Donald Trump would never bring Graham into his cabinet. If the truth be told, Donald Trump lusts after not only women but vengeance. He relishes in humiliating people. In his eyes, Graham is a little guy and Donald Trump has disdain for diminutive guys.

We know that with Trump, everything is personal. Too bad Lindsey Graham let his ambition draw him into Trump’s cleverly woven trap.

Joseph Ohnstad


Longer trailers could lead to safer roads

Cyber Monday and the steep rise in online holiday shopping provides the trucking industry with opportunity because it is trucks and professional drivers – not Santa and eight tiny reindeer – who bring us all those goodies we ordered without even leaving the house.

Retail boxes are bulky but half full of bubble wrap. Trucks can easily run out of space well before exceeding their maximum weight load. An underweight truck is an inefficient truck – adding costs, straining our already overstressed roads during crowded holiday travel seasons – and is something that could be easily fixed.

Modernizing a federal regulation implemented in the early 1980s limiting dual trailers to a maximum of 28 feet would make a big difference during the holidays. Increasing the length to 33 feet, while keeping in place the same weight limits, would allow the trucking industry to efficiently grow with the economy by maximizing the use of every truck load.

Longer “twin-33s” trailers are safe and legal in some states but, because of the federal restriction, trucks aren’t allowed to cross state borders. Allow longer – but not heavier – trucks would give us more efficient shipping, less congested holiday traffic and less stress on our roads.

Grace Rentiers