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SCE&G should be paying PSC since the board serves them more than SC taxpayers

S.C. Public Service Commission held hearings late last year into the failed effort by SCE&G, a SCANA subsidiary, to build two nuclear reactors in Fairfield County.
S.C. Public Service Commission held hearings late last year into the failed effort by SCE&G, a SCANA subsidiary, to build two nuclear reactors in Fairfield County. The State file photo

The biggest scam of the century (bigger than Bernie Madoff) was pulled off without a hitch by SCE&G executives with the help of the S.C. Legislature and the PSC board.

And just think, we the people helped by voting these people in office. And it seems the governor, once elected, did an about-face as to what was acceptable for the public to pay for this fraud that was committed.

And the PSC, despite the evidence that the ones in charge were lying, choose not to believe the good people that testified that they were lying and gave Dominion exactly what they wanted, not one major change.

My question is why are S.C. taxpayers paying the PSC board. They should be paid by the ones they are serving, either SCE&G or Dominion.

Now all the former executives are laughing all the way to the bank to enjoy the fruits of their scam from the ratepayers of SCE&G and nobody has the nerve to do anything about it.

Bill Bundrick

West Columbia

SCE&G execs, shareholders should be feel the burn

It should be criminal what the top SCE&G execs did to hide the problems with the new plants and in the same period gave themselves large bonuses.

SCE&G shareholders should have felt the impact more since the company basically belonged to them. The shareholders were given guaranteed dividends while the customers were paying for it. Some of our illustrious South Carolina politicians were rewarded (conflict of interest) substantially for their support of SCE&G while the customers were being sold down the river by paying for the construction of the new plants.

People (SCE&G execs and politicians) should have gone to prison – they conspired taking millions from the customers. That pales to the paltry amount a robber gets from a convenience store and they go to prison.

There are few businesses that pretty much have guaranteed profits, and the S.C. Public Service Commission was criminal and or just a bunch of politically appointed stooges that allowed the customers to pay for the failed nuclear plants while the company and its shareholders continued to receive dividends and bonuses.

Chuck Combs


PSC and ORS has failed former SCE&G customers

It appears that former SCE&G customers who paid dearly for the failed nuclear power plant are not receiving any refunds from SCE&G/Dominion unless another class-action lawsuit is filed on their behalf and the court rules appropriately. SCE&G existing customers are to receive rate reductions from Dominion, but former customers will receive nothing. This could represent more than $1,000 to former SCE&G customers. The PSC and its OSR staff have failed those former SCE&G customers. The S.C. General Assembly can also be blamed for its quick actions to favor SCE&G and Santee Cooper during the rate increase raids on their customers.

It is a shame that we in S.C. lack real adult leadership in our General Assembly and our Public Service Commission. Yes, all of you are guilty of perpetrating this consumer fiasco. It will be remembered at the 2020 elections.

Albert Fitzgerald


It’s time for justice for the ratepayers

SCANA and Dominion will merge and all is right with the world. Maybe not.

All of the data and reports on the failed project were a farce. Audits ignored, SCANA memos were rejected, and rate increases were requested and approved by a less than prudent PSC.

Now the ratepayers will be paying for this folly for years to come.

Is it not time for the attorney general of South Carolina to bring charges of fraud on someone?

Candidates, in no particular order are SCANA executives, PSC board members and, last but not least, certain members of our state Legislature.

For once let justice be done.

M. Larry Fowler


PSC deserves acting award for their performance

And the envelope please. The 2017 South Carolina Award for best actors in a drama go the seven actors on the Public Service Commission for their bravura performances during the recent PSC hearings.

With the decision on the future of SCE&G and its billions of dollars in dubious charges for two nuclear sinkholes at the V.C. Summer Nuclear Station in question, these seven actors gave the performances of their lives by giving the impression they would reach a fact-based decision, and one that was fair to SCE&G’s 700,000 captive and financially abused electric customers.

With future PSC hearings a certainty, we look forward to more great performances from these actors. Bravo.

Larry Knight


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