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McMaster should fund repairing SC’s bad roads, not a new facility for Panthers

Some of worst stretches of I-77, highways in York, Chester and Lancaster counties may be repaired

Some of the most dangerous stretches of I-77 are in York, Chester and Lancaster counties and officials are hoping to repair them. There were 37 reported fatal or serious injury crashes from mile markers 60 to 90 on I-77.
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Some of the most dangerous stretches of I-77 are in York, Chester and Lancaster counties and officials are hoping to repair them. There were 37 reported fatal or serious injury crashes from mile markers 60 to 90 on I-77.

When the news came out that our state was willing to give the Panthers over $111 million in tax breaks and other concessions to locate a facility in York County, I was struck by the pure ignorance of our government. I heard on a local radio show that, in addition to the tax breaks, we the taxpayers of South Carolina will pay over $40 million to build an interchange on I-77 strictly for use by the Panthers. Henry, have you and the folks on Main Street totally lost your minds?

I just paid over $900 to have my car repaired from hitting a pothole on a major highway. Schools are suffering from lack of funding. Many other areas of our state could benefit from that $40 million. Obviously you folks are so starstruck by possibly encountering an NFL player that you can’t see the real damage. If this is such a great opportunity, why are Charlotte, Kannapolis, Hickory, Mooresville or other towns near the Panthers not jumping into a bidding war?

I worked with a sports attorney when the Panthers were becoming a reality. During my 30 years with that attorney, I worked on several projects involving the NFL. South Carolina will never gain ONE thing from this venture and will be asked for more concessions by the Panthers and the NFL.

Henry, I need your address so the next time I spend a fortune on car repairs from potholes, overlooked in order to build a special interchange just for a football team, I can send you the bill.

Tim Leeming


Could carbon monoxide replace lethal injections?

Over the past several weeks, three has been much discussion over administering the death penalty. Because of the difficulty in getting the medicine needed to administer the lethal injection, some have suggested that we revert to a firing squad. But this could be considered as cruel and unusual punishment by the courts. Some suggested that we do away with the death penalty. But others object to this.

What could be more humane then falling asleep and not waking up? How about carbon monoxide? It could not be more humane than to have a secure room that is sealed and a gasoline engine pump its exhaust into the room. The person is strapped to to table, and within a few minutes, they fall asleep never to wake up again. That person would never smell the carbon monoxide (it is colorless and odorless). I don’t think there is a court in the land that would construe falling asleep for eternity as cruel and unusual punishment.

Why don’t our representatives consider this?

Roger Zeiger Sr.


Abortion advocates left to fight this war alone

On May 22, the second article by Kathleen Parker on abortion (“Defining ‘crazy’ in our renewed abortion debate”) started off rationally by noting that the “fetal heartbeat” bills to ban abortion are misnamed – a 6 week-old embryo, which is about the size of a chickpea, has no heart. Other than that, she confirms her anti-choice stance again and again. First, she implies that the reduction in the number of supervising doctors proposed in the New York and Virginia laws will make infanticide easier. But that’s only true if you have a doctor who doesn’t abide by the Hippocratic oath! No reputable doctor would permit that.

Second, she rhetorically “wonders” about how many aborted Americans could have helped create a better world. Yes, and how many of them might have been serial killers or unwanted children living their life in poverty? This is just another red herring in the abortion argument, akin to that old saw, “What if your mother had aborted you?”

The bigger issue that’s never addressed by anti-choice folk is the violation of the rights of women, forcing them to bear a child. What gives the government the right to do this? Where are the NRA gun nuts who would become apoplectic if you came for their guns? Where are the Conservatives who want government to stay out of our lives – or is it just the lives of white men they’re concerned about? Until that potential human can live independently of its mother, the decision should be between the woman and her doctor, no one else!!

Patricia Mohr


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