Letters to the Editor

Murdaugh family’s clout is teaching son he can get away with anything

This is in response to July 30 State article on page 3A “Judge: Murdaugh alcohol tracking request denied.”

I understood that Dick Harpootlian was going to clean up the S.C. Legislature’s mess. He had a good beginning which was encouraging. However, he is reverting backwards with this Murdaugh case. Most attorneys are good buddies with each other and tend to bend the rules a little for each other, even judges have been known to do this!

I am unaware of a difference between BUI and DUI charges resulting in death and alcohol monitoring. It wasn’t even brought up that Paul had a prior citation from SCDNR for possession/purchase of beer and wine by a minor. I am confused about what Paul learned in the alcohol diversion program the article said he completed.

Can’t understand why the 17-year-old accused of killing another teen while DUI the same week of Murdaugh’s hearing has to wear an alcohol-detecting ankle monitor while awaiting trial but Paul does not.

I was an alcohol and drug counselor for 23 years and learned a few things. If Murdaugh gets off lightly because of his family connections, he will continue his present behavior because he hasn’t suffered any negative consequences. I had someone in one of the many groups I led say, “Money talks and BS walks.” If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. Do something different! Listen up, parents – don’t love your children to death.

Annie Bates


Be emphatic and don’t become part of the ‘Me society’

We have all heard the nicknames that have been assigned to those born in a certain time period – Gen X, Gen Y, millennials etc. What is really happening ever so surely is the development of the “Me society.” You can identify those that fall into this category quite easily. Here are a few tips:

The person ...

  • that tries to persuade you to get out of their way by “tailgating.”
  • that parks in a handicapped spot unauthorized.
  • that parks in the fire lane in front of stores.
  • that tries to “cut” in line at stores or events.
  • that cuts into your lane with inches to spare.
  • that throws empty “open containers” on side of the road.
  • that drives a speeding boat close to your dock or someone in the water.
  • that uses the changing rooms in a store to steal merchandise by concealment.
  • that claims their pet is a “service” animal.

Fortunately there are a lot of really nice, caring citizens with empathy for others left in our area. You will find them doing such things as:

  • holding a door open for you.
  • sharing a smile for no reason.
  • picking up something you dropped before you can reach it.
  • buying a stranger a meal.
  • stopping to assist when you have car trouble.
  • leaving space for you to enter traffic on a crowded road.

May we all make an effort to NOT be a ME person. There are way too many of them, and their ranks seem to be growing!

F.C. Dent Jr.


The hypocrisy of the Republican Party: How did we get here?

For years, the Republican Party prided itself on morality, family values and being tough on crime. Yet they are supporting a president that shows none of these traits. The vice president processes his faith, yet he never called his president out on the lack of morality or fraudulent behavior. Sen. Lindsey Graham seems to turn a blind eye to all of the president’s atrocities, even though he spoke against Donald Trump when he was a candidate and the Republican nominee.

Then we have the evangelical right that practically disregard the Bible when it comes down to President Trump. How is it that people continue to support a person that doesn’t even show basic human decency. What has this country come to? How did we get here? Is white supremacy so deeply woven in this country’s fabric? It seems that the evangelicals will forgive Trump for anything, but would never forgive President Obama for one thing that he couldn’t control, and that’s is being a black man that dared to be the president of the United States.

Victor Rodgers


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