Letters to the Editor

After betrayal by former hero Sen. Graham, don’t expect much from him now

There was a time when I would’ve walked through the gates of hell with Lindsey Graham. Even as we sank deeper into the partisan abyss during the Obama years, he was regarded as one of a few voices of reason. By all accounts, Sen. Graham had productive working friendships with power players from all quarters ... McCain, Biden, Lieberman, et al. ... and yes, even Hillary.

But something happened that transcends politics. When Trump’s scorched earth tactics began to gain traction with The Base, it was becoming clear to Mr. Graham that decency, common sense and integrity might not carry him to re-election. So rather than demonstrating even a little strength of character, Sen. Graham set his conscience aside, grabbed his golf clubs and took a running jump in the sack with Donald Trump ... forsaking everything I’d ever thought admirable about him.

So our guy, who long ago wanted Bill Clinton hauled before a firing squad for some hanky-panky with an intern, is now among the fiercest defenders of this rogue president. Betrayal by a friend is painful, but now this by a man who was once a real-deal hero is heartbreaking. I’d thought Sen. Graham was made of far better stuff.

As bloody impeachment hearings loom in the coming weeks, our hard fought democracy is in great peril and we’re in for some dark, frightening days. Sen. Graham has already squandered any measure of credibility and I don’t believe we can expect much from him as this goes forward. Sad.

George Martin


All Democrats had better wake up

All Democrats and concerned voters who loved this country and all the rights that comes with being a U.S. citizen (either natural born or have became legal citizens) had better wake up and do several things.

First, if you’re not registered, please register before the deadline to vote in the Democratic primary early next year. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the one who shares most of what you stand for. More importantly than that, it has to be the one who has the best chance to defeat Trump in the presidential election in November 2020!!

My worst fears are that not enough Democrats and Independent voters will vote, and that will help Trump get four more years. My worst fear is that if Trump gets back in the White House and his friends, the Republicans, take back the House and add to their number in the Senate, they and Trump will scrap all of our rights.

Again, all concerned voters had better wake up!

Ronnie Bramlett


2020 can not get here fast enough

As an independent conservative, I am sadly disappointed in the Republican Party nationally and statewide.

The national debt is the highest it has ever been. What happened to the party of fiscal responsibility? President Trump can only be described as a bully who has surrounded himself with people who are scared to tell him the truth. Trump’s latest blunder should get him impeached under Sen. Lindsey Graham’s own definition of what impeachment should be – “you don’t have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this Constitutional Republic” and “Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.” I agree with Sen. Graham on that!

Sen. Graham, who at one time stood up to Trump, has decided to support the bully and even encourage him. What happened to the party of Lincoln and Reagan? Now, the S.C. Republican Party has taken away my right to vote for a real fiscal conservative in a Republican state primary. I can no longer support those members of Congress who turn a blind eye to what is so obvious to this independent conservative. 2020 can not get here fast enough.

Charles Bush


US’s flippant cap on refugees is heartbreaking

I write this letter as a physician who cares for refugees, focusing on survivors of torture in Columbia, SC. It is a tragedy to see the cap for refugees allowed to this country lowered yet again. These are people fleeing war, and our country has gone from having goals for refugees to now having a maximum cap that gets smaller and smaller until eventually there may be no infrastructure for a refugee resettlement program left.

These people are immigrants but they are also refugees. They are not just seeking the American dream, they are escaping a nightmare. One of our patients who resettled to the United States shared that her earliest memories as a child are of war – running into the jungle from the army. Refugees become a bellwether of a country’s humanity. They are a reminder of the consequences of war and lend greater weight to our conscience. They offer perspective and diversity. They do not bring crime and terrorism, they are victims of it. They bring economic prosperity and gratitude. Seeing this progression towards a flippant and distant approach to caring for the most vulnerable among us is not only heartbreaking, it is a loss for our country.

Edwin Hayes


Parents beware of the sham of higher education

Higher education has become a dishonest, greedy, political business. The national yearly average total cost at private colleges is $48,000 per year and $29,000 at public colleges, translating into $1.6 trillion in student loan debt. Benefiting partially from this debt are the astronomical endowment funds, with the top 100 ranging from $1 billion to $33 billion, yet student costs continue to soar. First, the mindset that everyone should go to college is a myth and, for many, a disaster. The myriad courses and majors reflecting the progressive political indoctrination under which students are continually exposed, such as “Unsettling White Privilege” and “Capitalism and Racism,” have no relevance in the real business world and constitute a grave disservice to the unsuspecting student.

They exist in a university – cultivated toxic atmosphere of anger, intolerance and anti- Americanism which stifles their ability to focus on positive goals and flourish. An education system that foments a cultural war against capitalism, wealth and race is only too comfortable accepting enormous bribery endowment donations enabling unqualified students admittance.

Conservative professors are outnumbered 28 to 1. Radically left professors condemn “America and anyone who supports it as the enemy,” encourage “the harassment of whites and killing of all rich people” and shooting the GOP Congress, as examples. Conservative students must endure the stress of grade retribution by professors and attacks, sometimes physical, from fellow students for espousing their political views. This is not to say that a college education has no value, but parents must be aware of their children’s curriculum and not be misled into thinking that prestigious colleges are devoid of these dangerous agendas.

Don Maresca


Parents must remember to lead by being a good example

After shopping for groceries, I realized that I had somehow foolishly left my wallet in the store. I immediately approached a clerk. The store’s surveillance video showed a small boy with a woman who picked up the wallet and kept it. They could identify her because she used her store value card. They would contact the city police.

The wallet was not as important to me as the poor example the woman set for her son. If she had returned the wallet, what a wonderful example would have demonstrated.

After several weeks, I learned that no action had been taken by the store because they had suffered no loss and that I must file charges, which I did. I told the police that I wanted the woman to receive parental counseling.

The store did not give the tape to the police. It seems that the store was more interested in protecting a violator rather than an honest customer.

Today it’s a wallet that’s not turned in, tomorrow it’s allowing a kid to eat grapes, a candy bar. Small infractions may lead to a major crimes in the future.

Parents, please let your children witness you showing truthfulness, honesty and fairness.

James Muldrow


Would-be ‘reformers’ need to listen to the educators

The S.C. Department of Education’s Profile of a South Carolina Graduate lists “world class skills” like “creativity and innovation,” “critical thinking and problem solving,” and “knowing how to learn,” but S.C. has not made serious attempts toward ensuring students have the opportunity to master these skills. Instead, from the General Assembly down to local school boards, would-be “reformers” mainly champion outdated “fixes,” most of which come down to testing students to death, blaming the schools, then forming another committee to figure out how to replace the schools with charters or private entities with little or no oversight. This is an abdication of true reform.

The General Assembly and the governor must finally stop trying to score political points on the backs of children and teachers, stop trying to pass ALEC legislation like S.556, stop trying to take over schools for the empowerment of political allies and the profit of private companies, using dubious data from states like Louisiana and Tennessee for spurious, politicized arguments, and stop the partisan bickering in the legislature. Most importantly, stop appointing political cronies to oversee the education of the state’s children. Listen instead to the teachers and educational experts who want desperately to help improve the system.

Steve Nuzum


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