Letters to the Editor

Friday letters: Fight over hunger no laughing matter

I was very disturbed by David Lauderdale’s June 13 column (“Fight over gravy a good way to die”). His use of the unfortunate incident involving two Aiken teens fighting over a can of gravy to introduce a humorous column about gravy was callous and insensitive.

According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 27 percent of our state’s children live in poor families, which is above the national average. Two brothers fighting over food should elicit compassion for these teens and outrage at the hunger faced by many of our state’s youth.

In addition, given the violence many of our children encounter on a daily basis, fighting over food is not a laughing matter. Those who have access to a public forum need to use this privilege carefully and ensure that their words do not trivialize serious situations.

Susan C. McNair