Letters to the Editor

Wednesday letters: Some Americans more equal than others

In Animal Farm, his satire on communism, George Orwell presented a classic example of “doublethink”: “All the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Citizens United — which I consider the worst Supreme Court decision in my lifetime — is built on two logical fallacies. One is that corporations should have all the rights of human beings, although they don’t have all the legal liabilities of us human citizens. The other is that money equals free speech. As a result of Citizens United, it can be said that “All Americans have free speech, but some have more free speech than others.” Who can deny that the Koch brothers have more “free speech” than you or me?

This ruling threatens our system of republican democracy. Political campaign contributions are regulated in almost all the other democracies, for good reason. It will take a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, and politicians as diverse as Lindsey Graham and Bernie Sanders agree that it has to be overturned. Until we get big money out of politics, every election will take us closer to becoming an oligarchy, like Russia.

Jeffrey C. Koob