Letters to the Editor

Letters: Midlands bike lanes are in deplorable condition

I read with interest the May 19 article about cyclists’ quiet ride through downtown Columbia to honor fallen cyclists. It must have been nice to ride through Columbia in the middle of the road, because the bike lanes are deplorable.

I have contacted the state Department of Transportation for more than a year and have heard every excuse from waiting for a part for the sweeper truck (twice) to the flood causing a backlog in work orders.

Every drain on the Blossom Street bridge is clogged with sand. There are weeds up to 6 inches high, nails, glass, wood, sand and debris from Columbia to Three Fountains on Platt Springs Road and Knox Abbott Drive. The paint is hardly visible.

Expect more fallen cyclists, because I don’t foresee any changes in the counties, cities or the Transportation Department to improve the bike lanes. Does anybody hear my cry?

Bob Michalski

West Columbia