Letters to the Editor

Letters: Why bother with airport security checks?


I have a simple solution to ease the lines at airports: If travelers are not given a green light instantly and their luggage or person requires further checking that cannot be done in, let’s say, 10 minutes, just let them go on through. Asking everyone to be screened is an inconvenience for law-abiding passengers. In any case, if bad guys want to do harm, they will find ways.

Sounds egregious? Of course it is, but that’s the logic behind our law on criminal background checks of people purchasing guns from licensed dealers.

The Charleston loophole allows the sale to proceed if the background check results don’t come back in three days (most come back in minutes). This is how the Charleston shooter bought the gun he used to kill nine people, despite being a prohibited purchaser.

Our Legislature did not even consider the bills to close this loophole. Because, you know, it’s an inconvenience for law-abiding people, and bad guys will find ways.

Sylvie Dessau