Letters to the Editor

Letters: God has always used imperfect people


In a June 29 letter, “Christian hypocrisy on display,” Druie Cavender ridiculed Faith and Freedom Coalition president Ralph Reed for justifying his support of Donald Trump by saying “God often uses imperfect people to achieve his perfect will.” I have to defend Mr. Reed’s statement because I am one of those “imperfect people.”

Our Bible is full of “imperfect people” doing God’s will. The greatest one is the apostle Paul. Paul began as Saul, who persecuted as many Christians as possible. After his conversion, he became the first Christian missionary and is mentioned more in the New Testament than anyone except Jesus. God also used such “imperfect people” as Abraham, Moses, Daniel, Samuel, Joseph, Joshua, David, Ezra, Nehemiah, Ester and Gideon to “achieve his perfect will.”

Mr. Trump just might be the next one chosen to carry out God’s will.

Jessie Sargent

West Columbia