Letters to the Editor

Letters: Has our nation lost its soul?

The soul or living spirit is the very being of a living organism. The Constitution is a living document, the very heart and soul of the United States of America. It sets forth the basic principles by which the people of this nation under God are to live: guided by truth, justice and righteousness. The ongoing political debacle raises the question, “Have we as a nation lost our soul?

Many times in the Continental Congress during the debates over the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution, the assembly, at the urging of Benjamin Franklin, adjourned to pray.

To leave out the presence of the creator God as if the creator has no interest in the political process is an invitation to self-centered disaster. A political process that ignores the creator will have difficulty finding and speaking truth, standing for justice and upholding righteous conversations.

Following the signing of the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin was met by a lady who asked him, “What kind of government do we have?” “A Republic, Madam,” he replied, “If you can keep it.” His answer speaks volumes to the present political process.

Rev. Canon George Chassey

West Columbia