Fuller shuffles back with '85 Bears for reunion

BEAUFORT - In 1985, Chicago Bears backup quarterback Steve Fuller could "run like lightning and pass like thunder."

The Hilton Head Island resident may not be as athletic as he was 25 years ago, but he is still in good enough shape to boogie with some former teammates for "The Boost Mobile Shuffle."

Fuller and six other members of the 1985 Chicago Bears will be featured in a 30-second parody of their popular music video "The Super Bowl Shuffle" during Sunday's Super Bowl. The commercial is scheduled to air during the first quarter.

"The idea of getting all the guys back together was interesting," Fuller said. "They started floating this idea six months or so ago. I think everybody was like, 'If you do it, I'll do it.' We were all a little afraid of getting there and it only being one or two of us.

"The more it went along, the more guys got involved and it got to where it was a fairly fun deal."

The players will be seen wearing No. 50 jerseys to promote the prepaid wireless telephone company's $50 plan while they sing reworked lyrics to the song.

Other players featured in the spot are cowbell player Maury Buford, Richard "Sackman" Dent, "Mama's Boy" Otis Wilson, "Speedy" Willie Gault, Jim "Punky QB" McMahon and "Iron" Mike Singletary.

Coach Mike Ditka, not featured in the original video, will also made a cameo appearance.

"It's hard to tell how it's going to turn out," Fuller said. "Obviously, we're missing Walter (Payton), God bless him. William (Perry) couldn't get there because he's been real sick and wasn't able to travel. They did the best they could with what they had.

"It's making fun of the nature of the original, which was pretty easy to do by the way. I don't think anybody knows exactly what we're looking forward to. I was keeping my fingers crossed that the editor would work me pretty much out of it. We'll see."

The original "Super Bowl Shuffle" was released prior to the team's performance in Super Bowl XX and was a surprise hit, earning a Grammy nomination for best rhythm and blues performance by a duo or group and rising to No. 41 on the Billboard charts.

Fuller, an All-American at Clemson, was the sixth of 10 solo singers and called out two of the Bears opponents with the line, "So bring on Atlanta, bring on Dallas, this is for Mike and Papa Bear Halas."

Fuller started for an injured McMahon against the Cowboys and Falcons in Weeks 11 and 12 that season, games the Bears won 44-0 and 36-0 respectively.

"There were no real regrets (about the original video)," Fuller said. "It was somewhat embarrassing at first because it was a bunch of amateurs who had an idea and threw it all together. The timing on it was the big risk - the fact that we did it during the year. It would have been a lot safer to do it after you won the thing.

"Fortunately for all of us, we were able to pull that thing off so we wouldn't have to live it down for the rest of our lives."