Why the Colts will win

Two words are enough to explain why the Indianapolis Colts will win their second Super Bowl in four years: Peyton Manning.

With seven days to study film of an opponent, Manning has no problems finding creases in a defense. With two weeks to break down the Saints, the best student to ever play the game will take advantage of every crack.

The Saints feast on turnovers, and Manning is notoriously slim pickings. He almost never gets sacked and seldom turns the ball over. Against the Jets in the AFC championship game, he got sacked twice on the Colts' first two possessions, and didn't go down again.

Manning is the best in the NFL on third-down conversions. He's scored on 23 straight red-zone possessions. Nobody runs a 2-minute drill better.

Want to blitz him?

Bring it on.

Against two teams that blitz routinely, the Ravens and Jets, Manning completed 67.5 percent of his passes and threw five TD passes.

"With Peyton Manning, if you can't disrupt his rhythm, he's going to kill you," Jets coach Rex Ryan said after the game. "And, we couldn't disrupt him enough."

The Saints won't, either.