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What Dabo said about ‘unfortunate’ reaction to dancing video

Social media has been abuzz the past few days after video emerged of Clemson defensive lineman Christian Wilkins giving an up-close dance to a female fan at the Tigers’ Ladies Clinic held at Littlejohn Coliseum over the weekend.

The event raised $350,000 to fight breast cancer but has been overshadowed by the dancing and pictures of Clemson players only wearing rolled up shorts.

Tigers coach Dabo Swinney spoke at the South Carolina Coaches for Charity event Tuesday night at the TD Center in Greenville and reacted to Wilkins’ dancing, as well as the feedback that has followed.

“My reaction is, I can’t believe I’m at the Coaches for Charity event and that’s the first question I get, but not surprised,” Swinney said. “It was an amazing event, unbelievable day. ... We were able to give over $350,000 away, and it’s a shame that that’s not the story. ... Somehow or another that’s not the story.”

Swinney declined to discuss whether or not he has spoken with Wilkins about the dance or what followed.

“It was an amazing day, and it’s unfortunate that there was 15 seconds of the whole day that people focused on and really don’t know the context. It was a lot of fun,” Swinney said. “But that’s kind of the world we live in. Even when you do good and you try to do good you get accused of doing bad. That’s just the way it is, but you do good anyway.”

Swinney added that he is ready for the season to begin and talking season to end.

“We had well over 100 ladies that came down on the floor that are currently battling breast cancer, and it was very powerful and uplifting. Hopefully a lot of people walked away from there gaining a lot of courage and strength from the day,” Swinney said. “I guess it’s time for football because this is some very, very slow news that we’re talking about this.”

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