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3 Clemson assistants in the million-dollar club as Tigers coaches awarded raises

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Tigers added two scholarship prospects Wednesday
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Tigers added two scholarship prospects Wednesday

Clemson was crowned as the king of college football last month as the Tigers dominated Alabama to win their second national title in three years.

Clemson’s assistant coaches were rewarded for the Tigers’ success on Friday as the Clemson Board of Trustees approved raises for assistant coaches.

The most notable increase was co-offensive coordinators Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott being bumped up to $1 million each, joining Brent Venables in the $1 million club. Clemson now has three assistants making at least $1 million as Venables salary was increased to $2 million last year. Venables, whose current contract runs through 2022, was the only assistant to not have his salary increased on Friday.

Tigers Director of Athletics Dan Radakovich believes the raises put Clemson’s staff where it needs to be compared to other schools throughout the country.

“If we’re not at the top we’re very near the top,” Radakovich said. “I think that there are other universities and schools who are doing their compensation kind of in the same time we are. So I think that given the results on the field that’s the neighborhood where we should be.”

Elliott and Scott were each making $850,000 per year as a base salary prior to Friday. They also had a year added to their contracts. Their deals now run through 2022.

Radakovich added that Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney felt that Scott and Elliott deserved to move into the $1 million range.

“It was very important to Dabo as he went through and pulled all of this together, understanding the good work that they’ve done. And the fact that we have done a great job over the last few years of retaining the staff that has been here,” Radakovich said. “There’s been very little turnover, and I think that certainly helps with the culture and environment inside the program and has helped create the outstanding results that we have.”

In addition to Scott and Elliott, the rest of Clemson’s assistants other than Venables also received raises.

Offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell had his salary bumped up to $570,000 from $540,000, while assistant head coach, special teams coordinator and tight ends coach Danny Pearman and recruiting coordinator and quarterbacks coach Brandon Streeter also reached the $500,000 mark.

Pearman had his salary bumped up to $505,000 from $480,000, and Streeter is now making $500,000 after previously making $455,000.

Cornerbacks coach Mike Reed is just below the half a million mark at $495,000 after previously making $440,000. Safeties coach Mickey Conn ($400,000 from $370,000), defensive tackles coach Todd Bates ($375,000 from $300,000) and defensive ends coach Lemanski Hall ($350,000 from $300,000) also received raises.

While Venables did not receive a new contract on Friday, he is expected to in the coming months, according to Radakovich. Venables current contract lasts through 2022.

“Coach Venables is a little different because most of these have just been add-ons with dollars onto their existing packages. If you remember last year, coach Venables, we did that contract and there was a split-dollar life insurance component. So he was out on the road recruiting certainly during the month of January,” Radakovich said. “There’s a desire to move forward to extend him back to five years, but it will take a little longer to understand how that mix pulls together with that additional component. So we have talked about that and we’ll try to get that done probably for the next time the board gets together.”

Swinney could also receive a contract extension in the coming months. His current contract lasts through 2024.

“We’re going to begin those discussions,” Radakovich said. “We’ve had some discussions with his representatives, but as always it was very important for coach Swinney to get the staff and everybody pulled together and now we’ll turn our attention to his contract and his compensation.”

New base salary

Associate head coach, defensive coordinator, linebackers coach Brent Venables- Salary did not change (from $2 million)

Co-offensive coordinator, running backs coach Tony Elliott- $1,000,000 (from $850,000)

Co-offensive coordinator, wide receivers coach Jeff Scott- $1,000,000 (from $850,000)

Offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell- $570,000 (from $540,000)

Assistant head coach, special teams coordinator, tight ends coach Danny Pearman- $505,000 (from $480,000)

Recruiting coordinator, quarterbacks coach Brandon Streeter- $500,000 (from $455,000)

Cornerbacks coach Mike Reed- $495,000 (from $440,000)

Safeties coach Mickey Conn- $400,000 (from $370,000)

Defensive tackles coach Todd Bates- $375,000 (from $300,000)

Defensive ends coach Lemanski Hall- $350,000 (from $300,000)

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