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Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence played through bruised shoulder early in 2019

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence received an MRI last month after taking a hard hit against Texas A&M, a source confirmed to The State.

Lawrence suffered a bruised shoulder against the Aggies, he told Tiger Illustrated this week.

“I’m wearing something on my shoulder to try to cover it up so it doesn’t get hit again,” Lawrence told Larry Williams of Tiger Illustrated. “But it’s not affecting my mechanics or anything. I’m good.”

The sophomore has completed 61.8 percent of his passes and thrown for 1,131 yards, with eight touchdowns and five interceptions through five games.

If Clemson ever was concerned about Lawrence’s health, it appears that’s no longer the case.. He rushed a career-high 11 times in Clemson’s last game against UNC and took several hard hits.

Tigers coach Dabo Swinney was asked following that game if Lawrence was fully healthy and did not indicate that anything was wrong.

“Oh yeah, it’s football. I mean this ain’t two-hand touch. You’re gonna get hit. He’s great,” Swinney said. “He didn’t get touched last week (against Charlotte). He didn’t even break a sweat. Nobody touched him. I don’t even think he got a grass stain on him. So yeah, he’s in great shape. He took a few licks tonight, but that’s just the way it is. He ain’t in a bubble.”

Lawrence also said after the victory against the Tar Heels that he wasn’t injured.

“I feel good. I feel really good. I feel healthy,” he said.

Tanner Muse injury update

Tigers starting safety Tanner Muse left the game against North Carolina with a hamstring injury. Muse practiced Monday night, and Swinney believes he should be fine for Saturday’s game against Florida State.

“It was a very clean injury report yesterday, which is good to see,” Swinney said. “So the guys are feeling good. Everybody was back at it.”

Warning signs

Clemson players and coaches said they could sense something wasn’t right as the Tigers prepared for UNC.

Clemson went on to play its worst offensive game since the end of the 2017 season, finishing with only 21 points in the one-point victory.

“I felt like Wednesday was not the best for the defense, and Thursday was not good for us,” co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott said. “We weren’t able to get through our entire script. And don’t know why that is. But it’s a good lesson. Not anything major but the intensity and focus on being able to execute.”

Tigers linebacker James Skalski added that he also felt practices weren’t great leading up to the game at Chapel Hill.

“I didn’t think we had a great week of practice leading up to North Carolina and it showed,” Skalski said. “It’s just something we’ve got to learn from and grow from.”

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