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Clemson approves biggest stadium upgrade in years, including new video board

Clemson’s Memorial Stadium is set to receive a nearly $70 million makeover.

The Clemson Board of Trustees approved several upgrades to Death Valley on Friday, including a new video board. The project is estimated to cost $68.7 million and should be completed before the 2021 football season. Construction is set to begin next December.

“The scoreboard was a big thing and very important for us to look at as a next thing inside Memorial Stadium. When you do a video board, you get a new sound system and new lighting for inside the stadium, which was also important,” Director of Athletics Dan Radakovich said. “The other part of this is a redo of the parking lot outside of the Oculus. All those things kind of pulled together and took a little while to put under one umbrella. ... We’re excited to move ahead.”

In addition to the new video board and redone parking lot behind the west end zone, Clemson is also renovating its locker room, adding premium seating and adding ADA accessibility.

Clemson started looking into these renovations for Memorial Stadium in October of 2017.

The current video board is 1,625 square feet. The new one is set to be 7,166 square feet, making it one of the largest in the country.

“As we travel around, we see other teams within the Atlantic Coast Conference... scoreboards have about a 10-year lifespan and that size board has been there for over 10 years,” Radakovich said.

There will also be a new east entry at Howard’s Rock, with an opening that is nearly five times bigger than the current one.

The video board will be raised 20 feet off the ground, offering views inside Memorial Stadium as fans pass by throughout the year.

“I think that’s going to be the biggest day-to-day change in the stadium,” Radakovich said. “It’s a great gathering spot now. I think that it will become an even better gathering spot as we finish this project.”

Funding for the renovations will come from IPTAY and will be a mix of debt and cash, Radakovich said. Ticket prices are not expected to greatly increase in order to fund the changes.

“We’ve kind, of over the next four or five years, kind of scripted out preliminary where our ticket prices are,” Radakovich said. “We did have an increase this past year. Don’t look for that to significantly change in the near future.”

This will be the first major upgrade to Memorial Stadium since the addition of the WestZone club in 2006.


Key Project Components:

video board, sound and lighting

The current main video board in the east is 65 feet wide by 25 feet tall (1,625 sq. ft.) and was installed in 2010. A new board is proposed at 126 feet wide by 57 feet tall (7,166 sq. ft.), or nearly five times the surface area. Included would be a new sound system and LED stadium lighting.

East Entry at Howard’s Rock

The bottom of the new video board will be approximately 20 feet above ground, opening a 365-day view connecting the stadium and Scroll of Honor Memorial. It will be the first adjustment to the east entry to campus since a video board was added in 2005. The current video board was put in place in 2010.

West Concourse Club

A reconfiguration of the concourse level will allow for a new club area with more than 700 outdoor seats and accompanying indoor space comparable to the current Younts South Club.

Field Level Club

A club on field level in the west will offer a new premium experience. The 240 seats on field level connect to a club underneath a reconfigured first level of the WestZone.

Locker Room expansion; Field level development

The gameday locker room will be renovated and expanded to nearly 8,000 sq. ft. for the 120 student-athletes and coaches. The field level space will be reconfigured with a new equipment room, training room and club.

East Seating

New structures in the east will add nearly 2,500 lower deck seats and enclose that end of the stadium.

Parking Reconfiguration

A new Tiger Walk development and reorientation highlight enhancements to Lot 5.

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