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Columbia Clemson Club gathers before the football season starts

Just 8 days away from Clemson’s first football game of the season, about 50 Tiger fans in the Columbia area came together for lunch and an update on what to expect this season and the next couple of seasons.

“We usually have these lunches once in the Fall and in the Spring, but our biggest gathering is the Prowl and Growl that attracts about 300 people,” Columbia Clemson Club president Hannah Pittman said. “Any alumni in the area is invited to attend.”

Because it was a gathering of Clemson alumni, many of the attendees were high on the Tigers going into this season, including local attorney Benson Driggers.

“I’m a tremendous fan,” Driggers said. “We have a lot of questions about our defense, but our schedule sets up nicely with a lot of our tough games at home. If we can keep Deshaun Watson we’ll be favored in most of our games, but I’m also a fans that is cautious.”

The alumni gathered at Seawell’s less than a mile from Williams-Brice, and were treated to an informative session by WCCP 105.5 FM radio host Mickey Plyler who also blogs for

“I went to Clemson many years ago, during the Danny Ford days,” Plyler said. “I do a little tour of the state for these Clemson clubs and it’s nice to come out. We mainly go over fall camp and the depth stuff … So many people know about recruiting so you go over the recent commitments. I just give them a little preview of what to expect this season.”

Plyler gave a thorough update on the depth chart and touched on or spoke about nearly every player on the current roster as well as future players. Because the club is in the heart of Gamecock country, there were was some playful banter toward the Gamecocks.

“It was always great to come down here when Clemson when dominated, now the past five years the crowd was a little more somber. But I talked some fans here and they kind of like living in Columbia again after last year’s football game.”

Many of the fans predicted double digit wins or a playoff appearance, but almost all of the fans shared a similar response:

The Tigers and their season hinge on the health of the team and specifically Deshaun Watson.