David Cloninger

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: USC vs. Missouri


Jake Bentley

The freshman was again golden, standing in throughout a nasty pass rush and completing 22 of 28 for 254 yards and two touchdowns. He still doesn’t have a turnover in three starts.

Rico Dowdle

After a rough start, Dowdle salted the game with several of his career-high 149 yards late in the game. He also caught a touchdown.

Rashad Fenton

His interception of Drew Lock on a throw to the end zone preserved a tie game and switched momentum.

Chris Moody

Picked on a few times this year by opposing quarterbacks, and again on Saturday, Moody ended the game by intercepting a tipped ball in the end zone. He also led the team with 11 tackles.


Chris Lammons

He’s been ejected two weeks in a row. The first time he lost his temper, the second time he was rung up on a correct, but bad, call. Have to be smarter than that.

Offensive line

It improved late, but the first half was bad run blocking and allowing jailbreak blitzes on Bentley.

Defensive line

Couldn’t stop Missouri’s running backs to save itself. It’s a mystery why the Tigers waited 13 plays to hand off against this defensive front.

Punt return

Losing 15 yards of position per kick by not catching, letting the ball roll past … there has to be someone on this roster who wants that job.

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