David Cloninger

Somehow, USC will beat Florida and make it four wins in a row

South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley
South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley gmelendez@thestate.com

It’s a hard game to pick.

I think most folks pegged it as a loss before the season due to the game being on the road. Florida wasn’t that strong last year, but it was the best team in a bad division, and that seemed to be the case going into this year (I never bought into the Tennessee hype).

But the Gators are extremely beat up. They aren’t dominant. They’re about to face a team that’s won three straight and has no pressure on it – it’s Florida that faces, “You best not lose to THAT guy.”

Jake Bentley will have to throw a little bit more with the Gators’ run defense being stouter than Tennessee or Missouri, and he’ll have to try to dial passes between some of the best cover defensive backs in the SEC. The Gamecocks won’t be able to make a mistake and get away with it.

But Florida is rebuilding its offense with a new quarterback, and USC has proven adept at mid-game adjustments this year. Somehow, someway, USC pulls it out, makes the winning streak four and sets up for a very rosy bowl-game outlook.