David Cloninger

A lot of positive can be gained with a bowl win

South Carolina is in a bowl game and for this team, that’s a tremendous accomplishment.

I have a feeling that’s going to be the line after the game, too.

South Florida likes to move the ball all over the field and figures, “We’ll score more than you.” Quinton Flowers is the perfect guy to do that, too.

The Gamecocks can be explosive if their line can hold and their offensive coordinator will loosen the reins, something that should be able to be done against a team that gives up nearly as many yards as it puts up. That’s up to the coaching staff to make those calls and up to the players to make it happen.

USC cares about this bowl game, as does USF, and neither side will probably get a lot from the fans (it’s not exactly a destination trip). There’s a lot of positive that can be gained with a bowl win – for USF, it’s their year. For USC, it’s a chance to show that Will Muschamp was the right call.

Muschamp has done well this year, but the defense, after playing so far over its head early, has been missing in action the past four games. If the Gamecocks come out aggressive, matching USF on every score, it can get down to a close game and USC has Elliott Fry.

If not, and the preferred safe approach is chosen over the “fast and furious …”

Again, this team got to a bowl game, and that’s a tremendous accomplishment.