David Cloninger

Camp Insider: In Spurrier’s system, starters come and starters go

Quarterback, defensive line, secondary – all are going to be hot-button topics until Sept. 3.

Even when they’re answered on the first snap, they may not stay answered through the end of the season – or the first series.

“Eventually, all of us coaches have to say who goes out there first, because somebody has to. But the players generally decide if they’re the starter or not,” coach Steve Spurrier said Wednesday. “But just because they’re the starter doesn’t mean they’re even going to play the whole game.”

Spurrier made it clear that no matter who “wins” a starting job for Sept. 3, they may not be starting on Sept. 12 or Oct. 17 or Nov. 28. Situations change, evaluations are re-analyzed.

He pointed out that sometimes, players who don’t perhaps practice that well are superstars in the games, and vice versa. Heisman winner Danny Wuerffel, he said, threw a lot of wounded ducks in practice but was a sniper on Saturdays. Spurrier also said that if a guy was a starter last year, it doesn’t mean he’ll be a starter this year.

“Everybody’s going to eventually get their chance and then it works its way out the way they play,” Spurrier said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen this year at receiver, quarterback, we got a lot of unknowns. There’s a good chance several people could play, simple as that.”

There are many new faces, a new team attitude and a rejuvenated Head Ball Coach. He and they will go play to play, week to week with whoever gives them the best chance to win.