David Cloninger

Camp Insider: Fake rant proves Spurrier is having fun again

Steve Spurrier was fired up on July 22, loudly declaring that he hadn’t lost a step during an impromptu press conference. Torqued about “enemies” questioning if he had lost his touch after South Carolina struggled to win seven games after winning 33 over the previous three seasons, Spurrier said he and the Gamecocks might have a surprise or two this year.

We must wait to see if those surprises happen. But what’s clear is Spurrier is back to having fun again.

Wednesday’s practice was a classic made-for-video session. He asked if we reporters wanted to see what no coach says during the preseason. Like we’d turn down any chance to see and hear Spurrier perform.

The guffaws afterward were loud and the grins broad. And you have to think the fun-loving attitude of a 70-year-old is spreading through his players. All the Gamecocks (at least, thus far) mention the change in energy and how much more fun it is this year.

Of course, all that may change after a loss or two. Nobody wants to smile and shrug off a “We’ll get ’em next year” after having so much success.

But Spurrier knows how not-fun last year was. Change had to happen.

It’s best if it starts at the top.