David Cloninger

USC Camp Insider: Putting pressure on the opposing QB, by any means necessary

There isn’t a specific answer, in terms of scheme or personnel.

It’s not accepting the previous that’s made the biggest difference.

“We just got guys really rushing the passer. Guys going hard, knowing their assignments,” safety Jordan Diggs said. “They’re coached really well, coached really hard, guys are taking coaching and coming out, competing every day. You got guys really rushing the passer every snap.”

South Carolina’s pass-rush was nearly non-existent last season, ends held up by tackles and quarterbacks allowed to eat a sandwich in the pocket before they unloaded the ball. No pressure led to defensive backs being asked to run in circles, and they were tail-dragging tired by halftime.

There haven’t been any games but the pass-rush seems to be improved. Steve Spurrier said that Darius English looked like an All-American at practice on Thursday, with offensive linemen unable to block him.

Again, no games yet. Long way to go before the grades are finalized.

But Jon Hoke has at least made it clear that the effort to hit the QB will be 100 percent, all day every day.

“We’re not just being lazy off the ball no more,” end David Johnson said. “We’re all out here trying to get (the quarterback) by any means necessary.”