David Cloninger

Camp Insider: Time for Connor Mitch to keep the starting QB job


So, that’s settled.

Connor Mitch is South Carolina’s starting quarterback. He’ll be under center on Sept. 3 against North Carolina, and as long as he continues to do the things he did to earn the gig, he’ll stay in the gig.

The question now turns to how much of a leash, a learning curve, that Steve Spurrier gives him. Nothing’s going to gain Mitch experience until he goes out there and plays, be it good or bad. Of course there are certain things Spurrier can do to help Mitch out in his maiden voyage – run the ball a lot, protect him with a tight end staying home to pass-block, put in a lot of safe passing routes, etc.

But we all know that gameplans sometimes change by the coin flip. USC could have the first 10 plays scripted, but if the kickoff is run back or the Tar Heels score a touchdown or somebody puts the ball on the ground on that first series, plans can be re-routed.

Of course, Mitch could also go out there and bomb it deep to Pharoh Cooper in one-on-one coverage. I think everybody in the stadium would bet on that resulting in something good. Then the plans go from pencil to ink.

What’s apparent is that Mitch has done his homework and earned the job. Now to prove why.

If nothing else, he’s got the first name down.