David Cloninger

Camp Insider: USC depth chart not written in stone

South Carolina defensive lineman Dante Sawyer
South Carolina defensive lineman Dante Sawyer dmclemore@thestate.com

The depth chart came out Sunday.


“It can change all the way up to kickoff. It’s a work in progress every day,” defensive line coach Deke Adams said. “They know they got to go out and work and maintain and do their job every day.”

The chart, as expected, has a lot of new faces and even more that can have their experience summarized in a couple of words – “not much.” So when it was released, nobody took it too seriously.

Especially on defense, where last year’s performance made it clear that a starter on any given week’s depth chart may last a snap, if that.

“It’s up for grabs at all times,” said Dante Sawyer, listed starter at defensive tackle. “At any given time, somebody could fall off, have a bad practice or something. But we’re all ready.”

Adams and the players say that the Texas A&M game last year, or last year as a whole, haven’t been used as motivation for this year. They have adopted a motto of trying their best to beat North Carolina, then the same for the next opponent, then look around at the end of the year to see where they are.

They feel comfortable that it will be substantially better, no matter who gets them there – or where they may be on the depth chart.