David Cloninger

USC’s QB situation keeps fans on edge of seats

South Carolina’s Perry Orth
South Carolina’s Perry Orth dmclemore@thestate.com

We do a live chat during every game, and we have our loyal posters and such, and all of them are sports fans who live and die on every pitch/free throw/third-and-short. Interacting with those fans is a highlight of my week.

For the past 15 games, a common theme has been to get a new quarterback. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Perry Orth starts this week, and Lorenzo Nunez will play, most likely a lot. How much depends on how effective/healthy Orth is (that Georgia linebacking corps is devilishly talented and brutally vicious). There’s your new quarterback(s), and I think both will do well.

Our live-chatters are thinking that, too. There’s a lot of hope mixed with the thinking – if Orth/Nunez don’t do well, what then?

I said it at the beginning of the year – USC’s starting QB was Connor Mitch (Fingers Crossed). He was the most talented, had earned the job, but he hadn’t played much. The crossed fingers were that he would grow into the role, and that he would stay healthy, because there weren’t a lot of choices behind him.

Fingers and toes are crossed now.