David Cloninger

Tina Roy delivers complete-game effort for USC


Tina Roy spoke at the team’s media day about how she wanted her senior year to really showcase her game. She’s been known as “The Shooter,” the 3-point whiz (and the team’s lyricist for the yearly theme song) since she arrived and she always felt she could do more.

She’s off to a fine start.

With USC down to eight players Friday, Roy played every minute. She had seven rebounds, seven assists and blocked two shots while scoring 15 – all on 3-pointers, because she has to keep up the rep.

The rest was about adding to it.

“I think I showed that tonight,” Roy said. “I know sometimes I look kind of winded but we work on that in practice – being able to play while you’re tired.”

The idea is for the Gamecocks’ deep bench to spell the stars the entire season, as it did last year. USC has been rather fortunate with injuries over the past few seasons, and if one player has to miss a few games, the bench can replace that production.

Dawn Staley loved what Roy brought Friday but doesn’t think she’ll be leaning on her for 30 minutes per night. It’s not the system.

Although if she has to, Friday proved what she can get.

“If she had to do it, I feel real comfortable,” Staley said. “She’s very, very efficient with what she does.”