David Cloninger

Gamecocks have another play go against them

I know every team in college football – every team in sports – has its own list.

Perhaps it’s just my memory, or being around South Carolina football far too long to be healthy, that I think the Gamecocks lead the country by far in horrifying ways to lose.

Saturday was another chapter.

Jerell Adams was in the middle of the field, and with no timeouts and seconds to play, he was trying to get to the end zone. The ball popped loose, Tennessee recovered and won.

It certainly ranked, but I can’t decide if it’s in just the moments at Neyland Stadium or moments overall. Probably Jarvis Moss blocking Ryan Succop’s field goal at The Swamp in 2006 was the topper, and Jared Cook dropping a wide-open tying touchdown pass against Auburn that same year is up there.

Succop also missed a field goal for double overtime at Neyland in 2007. Marquez North hauled in that pass two years ago that wound up knocking the Gamecocks out of the SEC Championship Game. Randall Cobb catching that touchdown at Kentucky in 2010. The three meltdowns in 2014.

They all run together after a while. You see it enough times and you get used to it, even numb. As a writer, you know to always write it as if the win didn’t happen – that way, you probably won’t have to do too much editing.

I really thought the Gamecocks were past all of this. The 33-6 run that was so recent – and yet so far away – had the plays going USC’s way nearly every single game. What we know is that stretch was the pinnacle. What we thought was the bad times were forever gone.

They’re back.

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