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Where Columbia ranks in the SEC based on craft beer


South Carolina came in fifth in SEC Country’s ranking of the conference’s towns based on local craft beer.

Georgia took first in the ranking, followed by Florida, Alabama, Kentucky and then USC. Ole Miss and Auburn took the bottom two spots.

Writer Nubyjas Wilborn focused on Swamp Cabbage and River Rat and went deep with some of their offerings.

“Swamp Cabbage and River Rat are the main production breweries in town,” Wilborn wrote. “There are at least four more in planning to go along with several brew pubs, bottle shops and beer bars. Moncks Corner Abbey Ale by River Rat is the perfect beer to pair with a grilled steak. It is brewed with French malts and hops. Belgian candy sugar and Trappist yeast are used to give this beer a hint of fruit flavor in the finish.”