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ESPN analyst breaks out rant after caller questions Will Muschamp’s job security

What Coach Muschamp wants to see from USC’s offense

South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp breaks down what he wants to see from the Gamecocks' offense.
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South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp breaks down what he wants to see from the Gamecocks' offense.

When the rant begins with former Alabama QB and SEC Network analyst Greg McElroy alluding to looking for a new job, it’s probably going to be good. 

And it all started with a caller questioning South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp

On an ESPNU radio show, McElroy was posed a question from a caller, the kind that’s not uncommon after a dispiriting loss like Saturday’s 41-17 defeat to No. 3 Georgia

“Is it time to start thinking about getting rid of Will Muschamp?”

After declaring he might need to find a new line of work, McElroy just went after the question.

“If you think that Will Muschamp should be released and relieved of his duties after what he’s done with an absolutely abysmal roster the last two years, it’s remarkable,” McElroy said. “Absolutely remarkable to me. Like, that is the most short-sighted thing I have ever heard on this program.”

Muschamp’s Gamecocks have outperformed expectations in back-to-back seasons, winning six and then nine games. 

His team came into 2018 with a lot of hype and after rallying from a bad start agasint the Bulldogs, let UGA run away with things early in the third quarter. Georgia is coming off a 13-2 season in which it was one defensive stop from winning a national title.

And McElroy’s tirade wasn’t over.

“Will Muschamp has achieved more in two seasons than anyone could have ever projected, and that includes people associated with the South Carolina program,” McElroy said. “Like it is remarkable what they’ve been able to do in a short period of time. Are they contending for championships now? No. Are they likely to in the next couple of years? Probably not because Georgia just happens to be in their division. But my goodness. At what point do you recognize and appreciate where you are as compared to striving for more. I’m not saying you should give up all hope of trying to win a championship someday, heck no! But to get there in such a short period of time is not easy, and with the roster that he inherited, to be where they’re at is remarkable.” 

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