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Jake Bentley missed ‘wide-open’ receiver, still threw longest USC pass of the season

South Carolina QB Jake Bentley is ready to take on Ole Miss

The University of South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley is ready to take on Ole Miss.
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The University of South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley is ready to take on Ole Miss.

South Carolina quarterback Will Muschamp and Jake Bentley took slightly different approaches when breaking down the longest play of South Carolina’s season.

Muschamp talked about working off Deebo Samuel swinging into the flat, having Bryan Edwards and Kiel Pollard fake blocks and take off down field and Bentley having to hit the open guy. Muschamp, perhaps standing up for his quarterback, said Bentley hit the correct open guy.

Bentley wasn’t as sure.

“Actually, Kiel was wide open,” Bentley said. “I saw Bryan was out-running everyone. Just put it up to him and he made a great play,” Bentley said.

The play was undoubtedly a good one.

Samuel came in motion, looking like he’d catch a swing pass with both blocking in front of him. But after selling their blocks for a second, both receivers took off. Edwards ran a post route down the middle of the field, while Pollard’s wheel took him toward the sideline.

Both defenders jumped out on him, but Edwards was already out ahead of both men. It took a good pass, 43 yards in the air after the seven-man protection held up flawlessly, and Edwards ran under it, taking it another 30 yards before being tracked down on the 2.

Muschamp said offensive coordinator Bryan McClendon drew it up on halftime, noticing how Tennessee was playing the flare screen, but the man who caught it had a different perspective.

“It was kind of a play we had in the archives,” Edwards said. “We ran a couple of screen plays and we were running Deebo (Samuel) around in the motion a couple of times, so we knew it was going to be there,” Edwards said. “It was one of those things we had confidence in and we went out and executed. It was a big play.”