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He left USC football after his freshman year. A moment he shared with former Gamecocks

As his college career closed to the finish line, Connor Redmond got a reunion of sorts.

His college football career never really got off the ground. He joined South Carolina in 2015, and in December of that year, he’d taken a medical disqualification because of a back injury.

So he was a Gamecock for a moment, part of that cadre, and then not. Last week, he and others in his class met again, getting rings and standing in caps and gowns, a little reunion before they moved on.

“There’s some kids that I see a little more regularly than others,” Redmond said. “But some I don’t get to see because of scheduling and everything like that. Getting everyone together one last time is real nice.”

The 6-foot-4, 225 pounder from Georgia was a three-star recruit who had picked the Gamecocks from a modest set of offers that included Kansas State and Boston College. He was part of the last class Steve Spurrier brought in, a large group that was well-rated at the time.

That group suffered some attrition with injuries like his, transfers or just leaving the team. At least 15 left some South Carolina eligibility on the table.

But unlike many of them, when Redmond left, he still kept a strong bond with the team.

“In my class, a lot of kids transferred out,” Redmond said. “Just how things went. But I’ve still got a good amount of really good friends. I go to every home game, just about every away game. I stay in pretty good touch.”

He added the team had been good to him across the past four years, notably trainer Clint Haggard.

Redmond majored in retail and minored in a sports related field. He plans to return home to Atlanta at some point and perhaps work for a professional team there.

It’s a next step on his journey, one that started as a Gamecocks athlete and quickly turned to something else.

“Just like everybody says, it feels like yesterday that I was coming through to The Zone,” Redmond said. “Going on a recruiting trip with everybody. Just the fact that it’s already over it just pretty unbelievable, honestly.”