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5 questions Will Muschamp will most certainly be asked at SEC Media Days

South Carolina’s head football coach, Will Muschamp will get an audience with regional and national reporters Wednesday in Hoover Alabama, at SEC Media Days.

Muschamp and Gamecocks players Jake Bentley, Bryan Edwards and T.J. Brunson will speak between 1:30 and 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Here are a few of the top questions he can expect to field.

1. How do you deal with that schedule?

It’s a topic so covered, South Carolina fans are already sick of it and Muschamp has had time to workshop a couple different answers. He’s seemed to settle on saying the schedule is hard every year (it is) and he likes facing good teams. This will not stop the SEC press corps from asking.

2. How do you replace Deebo Samuel?

Everyone gets asked about departing superstars, and considering we’re one year removed from everyone asking about Deebo returning, it only makes sense. The big question is if he will highlight Bryan Edwards and Shi Smith more, or cast praise more widely by saying, ”We have a lot of guys who can catch the ball.”

3. Talk about what Jake Bentley means to this program

Long-time starting senior QBs are always a good topic for the drive-by regional or national reporter. They’ve been hearing about Bentley since he swept in during the middle of the 2016 season, watching his ups and downs. The middle of summer certainly isn’t too early for a retrospective, especially for a guy making his third trip to Hoover.

4. Do you have any thoughts on the SEC’s alcohol policy?

Every coach is going to get asked this. Every. Single. One. South Carolina has already laid out the plan, and Muschamp usually isn’t shy about giving Ray Tanner the lead on that. This would be a good chance for the snappy quote that gets all the retweets, so we’ll have to wait on this one.

5. What’s it going to be like hosting Alabama?

This is coming up for two reasons. The first is, it’s the first trip to Columbia for the Crimson Tide since USC’s 2010 upset of No. 1 Alabama, ending a 19-game win steak for the national champions. That will get play, though Muschamp will likely point out he was nowhere near Columbia that day. It’s also the first meeting between Muschamp and his former boss, Nick Saban, since Muschamp took over USC’s program. Muschamp faced Saban teams twice at Florida and three other times as an assistant.