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ABC’s Tim Hill: Question marks bring intrigue, excitement

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier
South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier Special to The State

Before the season-opener against North Carolina on Thursday, we will ask 50 people: “What do you think about the Gamecocks in 2015?” We’re counting down the days until kickoff. Today’s panelist is Tim Hill, Sports Director ABC Columbia, co-host of The Halftime Show on 107.5-FM:

“On paper, it doesn’t look promising quite simply. Even though the schedule, when you look nationally it looks like one of the toughest schedules, I have seen tougher schedules, to me anyway, in South Carolina football through the years. I think the schedule and the matchups can work out well for this team, enough to get closer to where they were. I think they will win more games than last year, but I don’t see them hitting 11 wins, getting to where Spurrier wants to be. There are so many question marks going in. It makes it exciting/a little scary for fans, but it also amps up the enthusiasm this time of year. Everyone is always ready for football this time of year. I think especially so this year because of the basketball team struggling, baseball team struggling. It seems like it has been an extra long summer this year. I can’t remember in the past few years so many question marks going in and for me so much more excitement and anticipation going into this year.”