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Dan Rubenstein: USC could win nine games by winning the close ones

Gamecocks receiver Pharoh Cooper
Gamecocks receiver Pharoh Cooper Special to The State

Before the season-opener against North Carolina on Thursday, we have asked 50 people: “What do you think about the Gamecocks in 2015?” We’re down to the final day. Today’s panelist is Dan Rubenstein, SBNation college football writer and co-host of The Solid Verbal podcast:

“I really have no idea what to think. I was high on them last season and really wrong, although there were a lot of close games. Their schedule is not the best. I love Pharoh Cooper. I have an unabashed crush on Pharoh Cooper. There’s not a ton to like. They are obviously deep. Defensively, I don’t know how much we can count on this team. At least there are bodies that have experience, but to go on the road against Georgia, against Missouri, against A&M, against Tennessee. Not to mention the teams they get at home. There is nothing that I can really grab ahold of with South Carolina other than Pharoh Cooper, which is not enough. If you win the close games instead of lose the close games, it’s fair to think they could win nine games this year, but I think it’s nine with breaks.”*

*From The Solid Verbal podcast