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Gamecocks’ Sadarius Hutcherson put on 44 pounds after signing day

Sadarius Hutcherson has added 40 pounds since signing with USC in February.
Sadarius Hutcherson has added 40 pounds since signing with USC in February.

On the National Signing Day release, Sadarius Hutcherson’s measurements didn’t add up.

He was 6-foot-4, a good height for an offensive lineman. But the 230 pounds was more in line with a developmental defensive end.

He didn’t come to Columbia that skinny.

Hutcherson arrived on campus at 274 pounds after months of hitting the weight room. It was the focus of his final semester of high school and the first thing he did when his college process was locked down.

“I started this in February, kind of like a week after signing day,” Hutcherson said. “Once we got our manual of workout plans.”

He raised his bench press 85 pounds (275 to 360), power clean by 50 (245 to 295) and got his best squat to nearly 500 pounds. He knew signing his letter of intent was just the start of the next phase of his career.

“I finished everything I’m supposed to,” Hutcherson said of his pre-USC workouts before enrolling.

Despite going full bore since signing day, the Huntingdon, Tenn., product didn’t think he’d step on campus and have an immediate impact. He’d been awed when he stood on the sidelines at the spring game and saw college speed up close.

“I’m not coming in as a freshman where I’ve got to start,” Hutcherson said. “First, I’ve got to get everything right because I know I’ve got strength as a high school player right now, but I’m still not up to college strength anyway. I want to make sure everything such as footwork, weight room, out there on the field, make sure I’m on time for practice, make sure I’m on time during classes, make sure I’m on time for everything. I want to push myself to do things that coaches shouldn’t have to worry about before I think about starting.”

He’s coming from a high school of just 354 students in western Tennessee. Offensive line coach Shawn Elliott offered him a scholarship, he said, and the coach (along with some help from visit host Donnell Stanley) helped bring him aboard.

He will wear No. 50 at USC, the same number worn by Gamecock offensive line great A.J. Cann.

With the rapid growth in his body, it remains unclear where Hutcherson might land on the line.

“I really don’t know what my position could be, to be honest,” he said. “I have that weight range and the frame where I could be anything. I could be a tight end, I could be an offensive tackle, defensive tackle, whatever.

“They’re going to try me at any position that they feel I could be great at.”