Josh Kendall

Muschamp knows what Bulldogs are feeling at the moment

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

You think the end of last week’s Georgia game might take the Bulldogs some time to get over?

Just ask Will Muschamp. South Carolina’s head coach was asked Sunday if anything similar had ever happened to him. His mind immediately flashed back 14 years to when Arkansas beat LSU, where Muschamp was the defensive coordinator, to qualify for the 2002 SEC championship game.

“Matt Jones hit a ball. He was 4-of-18 going into the drive and he hit a ball in the back of the end zone,” Muschamp said. “I have been through it.”

And he remembers is like yesterday. On Saturday, Georgia scored a go-ahead touchdown agaisnt Tennessee with 10 seconds remaining only to lose on a Hail Mary touchdown pass on the final play of the game. Now the Bulldogs have to bounce back to play South Carolina on Saturday in Williams-Brice Stadium.

“It’s hard just from the standpoint of being at that point where you have played well enough to win the game, you feel like the game is in hand and you give up a play like that,” Muschamp said. “Sometimes those things happen. It’s very frustrating. You try and be technical about your approach in terms of what you could have done a little better. You can’t get emotional about it. You have to be technical in your approach and if that situation happens again, play it better. You have to move and put it to bed and don’t let the last one affect the next one.”

We’ll see if the Bulldogs can do that. South Carolina fell 52-20 to the Bulldogs last year but has won four of the last six in the series.

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