Josh Kendall

Muschamp: Teams coming out flat is a myth

Will Muschamp made an interesting point this week.

The subject was the notion that favored teams often can overlook underdogs. It doesn’t happen, Muschamp contends.

“To say that, ‘They weren't ready to play,’ that's kind of a blanket statement,” South Carolina’s head coach said. “I don't believe in that. I believe that there may have been some individuals that weren't ready to play and that made everybody look bad. That's kind of the way I look at those situations. I don't think that a team wasn't ready to play. I don't agree with that.”

South Carolina would be the team that’s possibly overlooking its opponent this week. The Gamecocks, who are on a two-game winning streak, take on Missouri, which is on a four-game losing streak. South Carolina is a 7-point favorite.

Muschamp has stressed the issue of complacency with his team and with his coaching staff this week.

“I've talked to our position coaches and our coordinators about really reaching the guys in your room, because it can take just three or four guys to not be mentally dialed in to what we're trying to do, and then all of a sudden it looks really poor for the entire organization,” Muschamp said.

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