Josh Kendall

Why Will Muschamp is the only SEC coach at Manning Passing Academy

More than 1,200 high school age football players were working out here Saturday at the most prestigious summer quarterbacking camp in the country. Potential recruits spread across more than a dozen fields and not a major college coach in site, except South Carolina’s Will Muschamp.

It would seem to be the kind of thing that would draw SEC coaches likes flies to honey, so why was Muschamp the only one allowed on the site? His son Jackson is participating in the camp, and that allows him a level of access other coaches would love to have.

“If your son is involved in the camp or any type of combine situation, you can go,” Muschamp said as he stood on a sideline at Nicholls State University during the 22nd annual Manning Passing Academy.

Jackson Muschamp is a rising sophomore and reserve quarterback at Hammond in Columbia.

“He enjoys it and he enjoys the work and that’s what it takes, so it’s fun to watch,” Will Muschamp said.

There are strict rules for Will Muschamp when he does attend events like this.

“I can’t make any recruiting presentations, and I can’t talk to anybody other than my son, so that’s kind of what I do,” he said.

That didn’t stop him from wearing a Gamecocks visor, though.