Josh Kendall

Here’s why South Carolina may not use Wildcat QB package

One of the things South Carolina will do during its preseason camp is install a Wildcat quarterback package – a formation in which a skill position player other than the traditional quarterback takes a direct snap, usually to begin a running play.

Whether or not any Gamecock fans or opponents will see it in 2017 is still up for debate. Lots of debate. In fact, the debate about a Wildcat quarterbacking package amongst the offensive coaching staff probably will take longer than the implementation on the practice field.

“It’s an easy package to get ready to go,” offensive coordinator Kurt Roper said. “The hard debate behind that is when you take a guy like Jake Bentley out from quarterback. Those are the debates that you have.”

A Wildcat package of some kind has become a staple for most offenses in college football, if nothing else as a gimmick an opponent has to prepare for during the week. What Roper and his staff are wondering is how much, if any, they want to have Bentley, the sophomore they believe is a star in the making, watching rather than participating in the offense.

“We have these discussions all the time,” Roper said.

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel, tight end Hayden Hurst or any of the team’s top three running backs would be effective in a Wildcat system, Roper said. Not that any of them will necessarily get the chance.