Josh Kendall

South Carolina QB Jake Bentley calls for quiet, from his own feet

South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley spent a lot of his time this offseason working on his pocket movement. Now the Gamecocks sophomore starter wants to stop doing it so much.

Bentley is completing 60.6 percent of his passes this season, which is the sixth-best rate in the SEC, but he has missed some throws, and head coach Will Muschamp said this week that mechanics were the issue on most of those misses.

“Just cleaning some things up mechanically,” Muschamp said.

Specifically, Bentley is “trying to quiet my feet down a little bit,” the quarterback said.

Muschamp said this week that his quarterback had been “overstriding” at times.

“This offseason we worked so much on pocket movement, trying to avoid rushers, maybe too much,” Bentley said. “Right now we are trying to quiet my feet down, stay with a good base and just deliver the ball. When the rush is coming, try not to make such a drastic movement, just very subtle movements and getting the ball out on time.”

Bentley completed 65.8 percent of his passes as a true freshman and said that this year’s lesser rate could be a function of the fact that he is handling much more information this year. Obviously, the fact that Bentley is much more knowledgeable of the team’s system is a net benefit for the Gamecocks, as he pointed out.

“I think there are also times that having that extra knowledge has gotten us out of a sack or gotten us a first down,” he said. “It’s easier to correct a throw than trying to learn a defense in mid-season.”