Josh Kendall

Jake Bentley sums up the problem with current SEC, albiet unknowingly

Jake Bentley was making one point this week and inadvertently made another.

Here’s what South Carolina’s sophomore quarterback said: “We talked all offseason that the games were going to be close. The margin of victory is so small, especially in this league so it’s the attention to detail, the little things.”

That is normally true in the Southeastern Conference, and it’s still true for most of the teams in the SEC. The problem for the conference is that it’s not true at the top. For the last several seasons, Alabama has created a parity problem for the league and this year Georgia is joining in on the self-destructive show.

The Crimson Tide and Bulldogs are a combined 9-0 in the league. That’s not the problem. This is the problem: the problem is Alabama has won its five conference games by an average of 40 points. Georgia has won its four conference games by an average of 31.3 points. South Carolina, by comparison, has won three SEC games by a combined 50 points.

For the Gamecocks, Bentley’s point still is correct, every week is a season, either team can win on any given Saturday, etc., etc. However, at the top, that’s not true at all, and until the other 12 teams in the league can close the gap on Alabama and Georgia, that will be a problem for the SEC.