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Jake Bentley: ‘I’m sure it’s frustrating for’ Jake Fromm

Jake Bentley thinks Jake Fromm is having fun.

“He’s really leading his team to a lot of great wins,” South Carolina’s sophomore quarterback said of his freshman counterpart at Georgia. “Just going out there and having fun, that’s the big thing I see when I watch him. He’s just out there having fun and doing what he’s coached to do.”

Bentley also think Fromm is a little frustrated.

“I’m sure it’s frustrating for him,” Bentley added.

The reason those two things can be true at the same time is because the No. 2 Bulldogs are undefeated but Fromm is not exactly a vital cog in the offense despite playing its most glamorous position. Georgia throws fewer passes per game (17.5) than any team in the SEC. Against Florida, Fromm threw only seven passes.

“I’m sure he wants to throw it more, but he understands that they are moving the ball on the ground effectively,” Bentley said. “If you’re winning games and it works, you don’t say anything. You just keep doing your job.”

Fromm, a former four-star recruit, took over Georgia’s starting job when sophomore Jacob Eason was injured in the first game of the season. While it might seem natural to compare what Fromm is doing this year with what Bentley did last year when he was inserted into the starting lineup as a true freshman, there’s an important difference, South Carolina coach Will Muschamp said.

“Everyone else around Jake Fromm has been in the offense two years so he’s not directing traffic and telling the running back where to go and telling the offensive line where to go and telling the tight end where to go and getting the receiver on the other side. If you remember watching Jake Bentley last year, there was a lot of that happening,” Muschamp said. “They were in the first year of their scheme and system. In all fairness to Jacob Eason, he was managing that last year as well as being a freshman quarterback in our league, which is extremely difficult to do. Jake (Fromm) has walked into a situation and he’s done a fantastic job, but he’s not trying to tell a running back where to line up. He’s not having to do a lot of those things that people don’t really see happening as the play is evolving there. To me, that’s the biggest difference. He’s had a lot of that off his plate.”

Fromm is 79-of-128 for 1,263 yards, 13 touchdowns and four interceptions this season. He leads the SEC in passer rating with 171.9 yards per game.

“It’s just the way their offense is built,” Bentley said. “They have great running backs who are able to move the ball on the ground and so if you’re the quarterback in that system and that’s what you’re coached to do, that’s what you do.”

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