Josh Kendall

South Carolina senior has plans for breakout season

Jacob August has played three seasons at tight end for South Carolina and caught a total of 15 passes. He’s out to prove this spring that he can catch a lot more than that.

“I absolutely think so,” the senior from Columbia said. “I’ve kind of been patient waiting for my time. Now this is the best opportunity for me to take it.”

There is a huge hole at the top of the Gamecocks tight end depth chart after the early NFL entry of Hayden Hurst. August won’t try to be Hurst, he said, but does plan on proving he’s more than just a blocking tight end.

“Hayden is Hayden, and I’m me so I am going to do everything I can do,” the 6-foot-6, 258-pounder said. “In the spring, they are really focused on seeing what you can do. It’s kind of a reset button. It’s not what you did last year. They are going to put all the plays out there they think we can do and see if we perform. If we do, they are going to call it again. If not, they’re going to move on.”

August made three starts in 2017 and has started seven games in his career. He has 15 career catches for 158 yards and one touchdown, which came when he was a freshman.

August came to South Carolina as a walk-on and was awarded a scholarship last spring. This spring, he wants to make another big move, from steady blocker to all-around tight end.

“I feel like I’m a little bit of everything. I feel I can do anything they want me to,” he said. “I did use a lot of my time on blocking to try to stand out there so now that we have one element gone with the passing tight ends, I can really focus on my pass plays and pass routes because I know I have been working on my blocking.”