Josh Kendall

Travaris Robinson: 'I really do' believe this could be the year for Gamecocks

South Carolina defensive coordinator Travaris Robinson believes this could be the year that the Gamecocks seriously compete for their two most important goals — beating the East and winning the state.

“Yeah, I really do,” Robinson said before speaking to the Augusta Gamecock Club.

The goals are in reference to winning the SEC’s Eastern Division and thus playing in the SEC Championship Game, and beating archrival Clemson. South Carolina has done neither in the two years head coach Will Muschamp and Robinson have been with the program.

“When we got here, we took over a 3-9 program. We were 6-7 and 9-4, and that’s the thing, it’s a process. Our guys understand that,” Robinson said. “We are building a program here, and we’re doing it, first of all, through recruiting and the development part of it and getting those guys bigger, faster and stronger. I think we’re at the point now where we can compete and do those things we talk about, getting to the SEC Championship and winning an SEC championship.”

Robinson told the crowd he was impressed with the South Carolina offense’s new faster system and that he believes it will help the defense in the 2018 season as well.

“It’s a different style of coaching for us because you can’t really coach while you’re going through the play itself. You have to coach on tape,” Robinson said. “When guys get to the sideline, you have to hit them with something they might have missed. It’s an adjustment for the defensive staff, but we are up to it, and I really like what (the offense) is doing. They are preparing us for the season, so I’m excited about it. I will tell you it’s going to help us with the team up the street (Clemson). It’ll definitely help us with that.”