Josh Kendall

It will be Jake Bentley versus TJ Brunson in Gamecocks summer program

South Carolina’s coaches aren’t allowed to direct the Gamecocks' summer workouts, which doesn’t worry Travaris Robinson too much.

South Carolina’s defensive coordinator thinks T.J. Brunson can handle it.

“He understands what I’m thinking,” Robinson said of his junior middle linebacker. “He understands how we call things.”

This summer, when quarterback Jake Bentley and the wide receivers and running backs get together to run pass routes, the Gamecocks defensive backs and linebackers often will be there to conduct seven-on-seven workouts. Brunson will be in charge of the defense when that happens.

“It will be good for him, as the leader of our defense, to be able to do that,” Robinson said. “I’m excited about it.”

Robinson explained to the Augusta Gamecock Club last month that he purposely installed Brunson as the defense’s one voice this spring. Every time Robinson addressed the defense, he had Brunson have the final word after he spoke.

In previous years, Robinson had allowed leaders to be determined more organically, but he wasn’t happy with the results of that.

“I thought there were too many voices sometimes,” Robinson said. “We had eight guys talking and nobody listening.”