Josh Kendall

If it’s the middle of May, we’re talking Gamecocks football

Connor Mitch during the Garnet and Black Spring Game at Williams-Brice Stadium.
Connor Mitch during the Garnet and Black Spring Game at Williams-Brice Stadium.

IT’S THE MIDDLE of May, which means we’re all thinking about SEC football.

From Columbia, S.C., to Columbia, Mo., you could throw a dart at a calendar and the same would be true no matter the date you hit. This month is the toughest to generate much passion for the sport that dominates our region. It’s certainly the slowest month for players.

It’s newsworthy – at least “May newsworthy” – that South Carolina quarterbacks Connor Mitch and Perry Orth decided to stay in Columbia for the one month of the year that college football players have to themselves.

“I didn’t ask them to,” Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier said. “They wanted to take a class or two and work out on their own and such, but we don’t ask them to do that. In fact, sometimes I think it is good to get away one month a year. The team is here basically 11 out of 12 months, as basically all the other SEC schools do.”

Summer workouts, which are now mandatory by rule and not just by reality, begin in June and continue into July, and, voila, it’ll be preseason camp. To slog through college football’s darkest month, college football writers have filled your newspapers and social media feeds with everything from coach rankings to schedule rankings.

Bless Everett Golson’s heart for dragging out his transfer decision for nearly two weeks to give us something to talk about. Sadly, Golson plans to announce his decision Tuesday, which means that all but one fan base (Florida State’s) will have to find something else to talk about for the next two weeks.

Hello, Road Trip Rankings!

The dog days won’t last long, though. The SEC’s spring meetings begin next week in Destin, Fla., which means the sideline tycoons who once were called football coaches will be discussing everything from the scourge of satellite camps to second-string centers. Then it’ll be SEC Media Days in July, and they’ll answer the same questions three more times.

We’ll all hang on every word every time they answer it, too, because we’re hooked. We’re talking about college football in May, for heaven’s sake. It’s beautiful outside, and not only are we not outside at the moment enjoying it, we are actively wishing away three more beautiful months so football will be back.

During these beautiful months, we will be asking a lot of folks this question: What do you think about the Gamecocks in 2015? It’s an open-ended question, meant to be answered with the first thing, and in theory most important thing, that comes to mind, and we want your answers, too.

The upcoming season is a big one for the future of this program. South Carolina reached an unprecedented high from 2010-2013, but the more 7-6 seasons stack up, the easier it will be for non-believers to suggest that run, not 2014, was the fluke.

How do you expect your team to react? What do you think is the key to the season?

What do you think about the Gamecocks in 2015?

You can email me, Tweet me, write me a letter even, to let me know. I’ll give you my answer(s) Sunday, and we’ll compare notes.