Josh Kendall

What Jake Bentley will ask of Gamecocks freshman QBs this fall

Jake Bentley picked up a tip at the Manning Passing Academy this year that he plans to implement in South Carolina’s meeting room this season.

“This year especially I am going to try to watch my film and what I need to watch and maybe ask Jay (Urich and fellow freshman quarterback Dakereon Joyner) to do something very specific and really focus in on one aspect of what a defense does just to see what they came up with,” the Gamecocks starting quarterback said. “That’s one thing I learned from the Mannings when I went down to the Manning Passing Academy was involve every one so everyone feels like they are part of the group.”

Bentley, a junior, was a counselor at MPA for the second straight year this summer. The collegiate quarterbacks at the annual event in Louisiana coach youth players for part of their day and then have meeting and field time with Peyton and Eli Manning.

Bentley hopes his new plan will help Urich and Joyner as they familiarize themselves with collegiate defenses.Senior Michael Scarnecchia will be Bentley’s backup, but Urich or Joyner could be part of specialized package for South Carolina this year due to their athleticism.

Urich is a redshirt freshman while Joyner is in his first year with the team.